International Night - Indonesia

Event Type: Programs
Age Group(s): Adults
Date: 4/11/2017
Start Time: 7:00 PM
End Time: 8:30 PM
 Join Nata Suprapto as he will hint on what it’s like to travel over nine thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean to a country named Indonesia. With over thirteen thousand islands, Indonesia hosts diverse population of animals, culture, and opinions. We will share to you its exotic wildlife, its diverse cultures and its long history of struggle for power and change in ideologies.

For the first half of the presentation, we will talk about Indonesia’s wildlife as we take a look at its similarities and differences with Colorado’s own natural beauty. You will hear up close and personal the story of Krakatoa, the volcanic eruption that was heard as far as the northern territory of Australia. We will then move on to manmade wonders as we take a look at some of the famously known sites but also some of the unique almost unknown tourism sites only few would know. After we finish exploring the natural wildlife and popular tourism sites, we will give you tips and tricks on maximizing your adventure experience in Indonesia.

On our second half of the presentation, we will focus more on the people as we get to know them more based on common social norms, beliefs and values. We will inform you about common mannerisms to be found in most areas of Indonesia but also some unique characteristics of certain cultures. We will also see the history of the religious wonder that is Borobudur and the history of Indonesia’s political independence symbolized by Monas (Indonesia’s National Monument). Have you ever seen a puppet show? At the end of the presentation, Nata will give a short demonstration of Wayang (Indonesian shadow puppets)

Nata is a student of CSU studying Communication Studies with the goal of pursuing a better understanding on how intercultural communication are formed. Neil is a student of CSU studying Civil Engineering with the goal of gaining and sharing better knowledge to improve the current state of Indonesia’s infrastructure.
Library: Old Town Library
Location: Community Room Combo
Contact: Amy Holzworth
Contact Number: 970-221-6740